How to configure a project

Like in our commercial :) You can easily adjust board and columns. In i-task project editor setting up a project trimmed to your process or team is really simple.

Project editor


Use link [Settings] in top menu to access to project editor. If you wish to add new project, click on [+ Add project] button located in top right corner of the window. The following form will appear:

New project

If your price plan contains XML import/export, you will be also able to upload an XML file.

After successfull project creation, you can add a board by clicking [+ Add board] button.

New empty project

New board will be totally empty. It’s up to you what columns you need. Simply click [+ Add column] to add new column. If you wish to inform your fellows (other project participant) what is the desired task count in specific column, add this information in “Target tasks count” field. There is also an option to gran permissions for all current participant. You can use it if you wish to.

New column

After a while, your project can look like this:

Project editor

Remember! You can rearrange boards and columns by simple drag-and-drop them.

Congratulations. You have just finished the basic project configuration. If you work in team, invite other users. It’s available in the “Participants” tab.

Project participants

Last step is to set permissions. Here you can decide which columns will be visible to whom.

Project premissions

Choose a participant, then select which columns you wish him to see, then click [Save]. If you mark someone as and project co-owner, he will have the same permissions as you have – project editing, adding participants, setting permissions, viewing reports (statistics).

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