XML with tasks in i-task

If you wish to migrate from your current task manager, you’ll propably thinking about possibility to bulk import tasks to i-task. Or, maybe you just need a local backup of your work? i-task provides simple, but useful XML interface to import and export tasks.

Here is an example of a project with one board, one column and one task.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?>
<iTaskProject Owner="michal@flarestudio.pl" CreatedDate="2013-02-15 21:50:20Z">
 <Title>Project title</Title>
 <Description />
   <Name>Board name</Name>
     <Name>Column 1 name</Name>
      <Task Number="1" CreatedBy="michal@flarestudio.pl" IsArchived="false">
       <Name>One task</Name>
       <Deadline>2013-03-15 07:50:04Z</Deadline>
       <CreatedDate>2013-03-14 07:50:04Z</CreatedDate>


To import a project, go to Settings -> Projects -> New project -> XML import. To export, select an export icon in projects settings list (Settings -> Projects). XML import/export may be not available in every priceplan.


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